Tokyo 7 Noites

Tokyo 7 Noites

Inclui avião para Toky, Partida do Porto e 7 noites em hotel referido, com transfers. Inclui visita ao Mt. Fuji e Lago Kawaguchi. Exclui Taxas, serviços extra, opcionais ou contemplados

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  • Seguro( Seguro SGS Inclusion) - Região(mundial) - Dias (9)

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Lisboa / 09:30
LOT Polish Airlines LO 5442 LOT Polish Airlines
15h 15m 1 escala
(+1) 08:45 Narita Intl
15/08/2017 22/08/2017


Acerca da cidade

Tokyo is the capital of Japan and one of the largest urban area in the world. Tokyo is the financial center of Japan and a blend of high-technology and tradition. Tokyo is huge and a well-organized modern city. The city landscape of Tokyo consists of temples and shrines, quiet nature reserves, historical buildings, futuristic architecture and neon lights. The core of the city includes Chiyoda and Chuo. This area features the impressive Imperial Palace, the national government buildings, the famous shopping area of Ginza, Tsukiji fish market, Akihabara electronics market and the historic Tokyo Station. The quiet neighborhood of Asakusa has some must-see attractions such as the Sensoji Temple, the Nakamise-dōri shopping arcade, and the Golden Poo. Nearby is the Ueno area, including the Ameyoko market. A perfect spot to shop for traditional gifts and see a great Buddhist temple. Another major attraction of the city is the Meiji Shrine, located in Shibuya. Tokyo is a unique city that has something for everyone, busy shopping areas, famous nightlife, historical sights, quiet parks, and amazing scenery.

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Transfer do aeroporto para o hotel

Partilhado Standard (Monovolume)
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Toshi Center Hotel

  • 80% Geral
  • Hirakawa-cho, Chiyoda-ku,2-4-1
  • 03-3265-8211
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Mt. Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi 1 Day Bus Tour

dia 3 - Tour with Lunch
Discover the World Heritage and Japan’s towering geographic cultural icon - Mt Fuji. With a snow-capped peak nestled in the beautiful Japanese countryside it’s a short day trip from Tokyo. You will visit one of the The Fuji Five Lake - Kawaguchi-ko Lake and a group of springs - Oshino Hakkai. Also meeting with Ninja at Oshino Ninja Village.

Your day starts start at 8am at Shinjuku station. Ride on a comfortable coach towards Lake Kawaguchi. One of Fuji Five Lake and a gateway to Mt. Fuji and a must-see sight then head to Excellent views of Mt. Fuji with spring water at Oshino Eight Ponds. You can walk around and admire the incredible Japanese traditional and rural views.

Not far from the Pounds. There is Beautiful Views of Mt. Fuji with Japanese garden where you can find Japanese traditional culture and take photo with Ninja.

After Japanese style lunch with local food, you will get the closest view of Mt. Fuji at Mt Fuji 5th Station, a famous viewing area high on the slopes. On the way back, we will visit Fuji Airways, 4D experience which is made by the Japanese latest technology and We will drop you off at Shinjuku Station West exit. \n

Meeting/pick-up point: Monument of 'LOVE' in front of Shinjuku Island Tower .
Duration: 9 hours.
Pick-up time: At 8am.
Drop-off time: At 5pm.
Drop-off location: Shinjuku station.
Languages: English. \n

Transfer do hotel para o aeroporto

Partilhado Standard (Monovolume)



Narita Intl / 10:20
LOT Polish Airlines LO 80 LOT Polish Airlines
16h 10m 1 escala
18:30 Lisboa


Tokyo 7 Noites
Tokyo 7 Noites